Luxury covered outdoor toilet for dogs

With DOGGY-LOO you create safe and hygienic environment for your beloved four-legged friend where he or she can leave a number one or two in a permanent and safe place ...


No more "surprises" in the grass, between flower beds or on the carpet in front of the door!


DOGGY-LOO can be placed in the garden as well as on a terrace or balcony. This way you avoid unwanted spots on your lawn or between plants.


With DOGGY-LOO you can create a permanent, familiar hygienic place on a terrace or balcony.


DOGGY-LOO is also the ideal solution for that urgent need in between walks.


Inside the DOGGY-LOO we have created the most ideal environment possible:


Protected from the natural elements with open front, 1 closed side wall, a closed rear wall and 1 side wall semi-open.

(Semi-open side optionally, Left or Right)


Completely covered, so no more excuses when the weather is bad. You will notice that in no time your dog recognizes the DOGGY-LOO as his or her spot, understands the purpose of this covered outdoor toilet and quickly learns to use it with great pleasure!

The artificial grass floor mat is 100% animal-friendly!

We work together with for this.

Thanks to their professional advice, we chose this unique animal-friendly synthetic variant.


This artificial grass contains no harmful substances and is UV- and detergent- resistant. Dimensions 70cm x 70cm. In addition, the artificial grass has 1 direction. This makes cleaning up  much more easy! The artificial gras is extra perforated by us.


The artificial grass is mounted on a removable grid. Underneath, urine is collected in the extendable collection tray.


After removing the easily removable front, you have access to the extendable collection tray. You can extend this without removing the artificial grass.


You can now easily dispose of collected residue and clean the collection tray. This has a large volume, which makes it possible to rinse the turf with water in between.

Price: €399,50 incl. VAT (excl. shipping)

Delivery time depending on amaount of orders: + -2 to 3 weeks



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